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Control Seal has been awarded 25 years of Quality Management Excellence

Our organization has been working more than 25 years as a certified organisation improving quality management performance. Lloyd’s Register is proud to have been our chosen certification partner over those years, and they liked to celebrate our long working relationship by awarding us with the Quality Management Excellence plaque.

Lloyd’s Register is convinced that successful management systems need a strong foundation of people, management system professionals actively pursuing improvements for their organization. That is why they would like to commemorate our achievement  Quality Management Excellence Award.

Quality Management Excellence award


Control Seal breaks the world records again

Recently (May 2018), Control Seal factory in Appingedam produced the biggest Double Block and Bleed plug Valve in the world and broke its own record from the last year - 42" 150# FULL BORE. Control Seal managed all challenges arrising from the size and weight of this valve sucessfully.

42 inch DBBV 


Oil and Gas Innovation magazine published article about Control Seal

The famous Oil and Gas Innovation magazine published article about Control Seal recent deliveries. Check it out online or in the printed version distributed in ADIPEC 2017.


Control Seal participated Valve World Exhibition in Dusseldorf

The most important exhibition for the valve industry was enriched by the participation of Control Seal team. The stand contained casting model of  36" Double Block and Bleed plug Valve. This impressed many visitors walking around the stand or far away in the exhibition corridors, as it was well visible from distance. 

Valve World Exhibition


Valve World magazine published article about Control Seal

The famous Valve World magazine published article about Control Seal recent deliveries. Check it out!


Control Seal reduces Fugitive Emissions

Control Seal was awarded fugitive emission test certificate for its products among the first vendors in the industry.

Due to new international demand for less fugitive emissions, Control Seal is working with high-performance sealing products and upgraded the certification of its valves to cover this aspect. Following ISO 15848 guidelines, Control Seal covers its complete range of products to class BH, and some even to class A.

Independent valve testing facility ITIS BV successfully tested Supagraf® Premier in Control Seal valves for fugitive emissions according ISO 15848-1 2006 CO2 Class A. This is the lowest rating of leakage definable under ISO 15848-1. This leakage limit was only reserved for bellowed sealed valves until now.

This result demonstrates a change in performance of braided graphite packing in relation to fugitive emissions.

Unlike competitors, the Control Seal valve design is operated purely by linear movement of the stem (no axial rotation) which will ensure reduced wear and tear on the stem packing, resulting in fewer fugitive emissions.