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Control Seal has a fully trained team on standby that can assist you during commissioning of the valves before and/or during start-up. Commissioning is highly recommended and special discounted service rates are applied for all Control Seal delivered valves. 




The above common issues are observed by service engineer during construction phase of the project:

Changed actuator settings against factory settings

Damaged connections

Missing batteries (ESD function)

Improper storage

Improper handling / lifting

Incorrect procedures during onsite testing

Welding and grinding activities performed near the valves

Improper flushing procedures leading to contamintation of the system and valves

Improper draining after flushing

and many more..

It is recommended to arrange Installation Training toavoid the above issues to happen. During commissionin assistance service engineer will ensure that the valves are in perfect condition and ready for sucessful startup. Extended warranty can be obtained by ordering the commissioning asssitance.