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Due to its vast engineering experience, Control Seal can deliver a wide range of products based on customer request.


Control Seal can deliver SwirlValve, special execution of the Axial Flow Valve that is used in combination with separator as a complete solution (SwirlSep) for efficient separation.


The SWIRLValve is a Joule-Thompson (JT) valve, which reduces carry over.

The SWIRLValve can be applied where the (JT) LTS separator is undersized.

The SWIRLValve can be applied to decrease the JT valve pressure drop.

The SWIRLValve can also be applied for reducing glycol/chemical inhibition liquid mist carry-over problems.


The SwirlSep can be applied for:

Gas-Liquid separation

Liquid degassing

Oil-water separation

Water-oil separation

Sand/ dust removal


 Gate Valve

Spreading Wedge Gate Valve is Control Seal name for its double expanding gate valve. Tight shut off is achieved by two sealing surfaces of the wedge assembly that are being retracted from the body seats before start of the wedge assembly lifting.

Sampling and Drain valves

Ram Type Drain Valve   Sampling valve


Control Seal produces the following Sampling and Drain valves:

Sampling valve piston type

Tank Bottom Drain valve

Ram Type Drain valve

Flush Bottom valve

Please contact sales team for more details.

Commodity valves

Ball ValveButterfly valveSafety ValveGlobe valve

Control Seal has over 30 years history of valves trading. Control Seal can deliver Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Check Valves, Safety Valves, Plug Valves, Butterfly Valves, Globe Valves and other commodity valves as per client requirement.

PLRV - Pig Launcher and Receiver plug Valve

Control Seal produces special type of Pig Launcher and Receiver valve - plug type. The design principle of the valve is derived from dual expanding Double Block and Bleed plug Valve and has benefits over the standard ball type. 

Slips are being retracted from the body sealing areas before rotation of the valve internals, hence there is no contact between soft seals and body sealing areas during internals rotation leading to longer life and longer perfect sealing of the valve.



Tank Storage Facilities - loading and unloading lines

Gas Gathering Systems

Mainline Pipeline

Oil & Gas Transmissions

Control Seal manufacturs Pig Launcher/Receiver Valves from 2” up to 42” and from 150lbs up to 1500lbs.


No need for extensive line flushing

Extracting leftover product from pipeline

Quicker product changeover

Rotary Star Valve

Control Seal can produce tailor-made Rotary Star Valves.